Spiritual Journey


I found myself shining a flashlight on my scalp yesterday. My head was SO ITCHY. This is so bizarre. I was afraid I had lice! I kept getting this tingling all over my head, and this creepy, crawly sensation… I was so concerned I decided to google “psychic development and itchy head.” To my relief, this is normal! In fact, it was described in detail and even mentioned the feeling of bugs crawling on your head. I was so stinking relieved to see lots of validation. I’d been getting this feeling maybe once, or twice, particularly when I’d sit down to practice connecting. Today, however, its really amped up! They say it’s a physical side effect of the energy created by the crown chakra opening.

That morning I’d had a distance “spiritual healing” session with an astrologer from England. My experience was similar to my experience during a distance reiki healing, however he says he only sends the positive healing energy, and allows Spirit to apply it. So I feel it was applied by my spirit guide. 

As usual I lay down and place corresponding healing crystals on my chakras – my beloved Apache Tear (beautiful story behind this one and my favorite, on me at nearly all times) and Red Jasper at the root, Tigers eye at the sacral, Citrine at the solar plexus, a channeling clear quartz between the plexus and heart, Rose Quartz at the heart, Blue lace agate at the throat, Sodalite at the third eye, and Amethyst at the crown. I close my eyes for mindfulness meditation. I watch the energy and take note of what happens. This one, like the reiki, starts at my third eye. I get an intense feeling of my eyes being sucked backwards… I know it sounds like something from a movie, but I feel like my eyes roll upwards and to the back of my skull. My eyelids start fluttering and, while shut, blink rapidly. It’s completely involuntary. There’s also this humming or vibration, almost like a warm, white noise. It certainly feels like a lot of energy inside my head, echoing. There’s a distinct calm as it starts to move down my face, my eyes settle as the vibrating moves away. 

The reiki session had a much more defined pathway, it went all the way down to my root and back up again. I felt a popping sensation at the heart on the pathway going down to the root, and when it went back up to the heart I burst into tears – I felt the energy brought something up to my heart from my root chakra to be felt and healed. It was the feeling of being unloved by my mother as a child. I heard her reassure me she loved me. It had been recently revealed to me that I had emotional mother issues in shadow, that had been hidden by my father issues in spotlight.

I had asked her to set intentions with me regarding root, heart, and last third eye – and she made a crystal grid for this using Amethyst, Desert Jasper, Carnelian, Apache Tear, and Rhodonite. 

Back to the spiritual healing session – it was different than the reiki because there wasn’t a clear path, it kinda came and went wherever needed. I couldn’t track it quite the way I felt I could with reiki. At one point I felt a pushing downward on my heart, as if I were sinking and caving into the bed, and then an extreme lightness as my heart lifted back up. I felt the warmth and vibration at my heart; it flowed across my chest and down my arms into my hands – they felt lit up! What was even more interesting is towards the end I felt something touch my palm. When I told him this, he confirmed he does envision touching palms at the end as a goodbye. Another difference from the reiki is that it seemed to affect an entire side of my body one at a time, while reiki focused on only the chakras. My entire left side felt this energy, and then it passed through my third eye, and over to my entire right side. I also got a lot of muscle twitching, noticeable softening/releasing, and even a quaking coming from within. When this energy came to my head, I felt my spirit guides calling card – she tingles the left side of my head and what feels like places her hand there. I felt a weak version of this, and then suddenly got a pop and a rush of this feeling – so much so that it made me jump! It felt like a seam bursting and water gushing out. I feel like this is what has got my head itching like crazy! At the end of the session is a quiet calm. It’s obvious when it’s over! 

I did this spiritual healing because this astrologer was offering a healing act for Chiron in Aries (Aries = action, Chiron = old wounds). It was incredibly special to be selected to receive his gift, as there were many many people asking to be included and he had only a limited space for it. I’m so thankful. 

I had done the reiki session when the moon moved into Scorpio – all things emotionally hidden. I didn’t realize this is where the moon was until I did some deeper digging due to the following nights scorpion dreams! One was the shadow of a scorpion, (what was in shadow and hidden is now able to be seen) and one was centered around someone I barely know, but who I know to be a Scorpio and this is the main aspect I attribute to him (pointed toward intimacy issues as Scorpio is also a sexual sign). To my pleasant surprise, it was a Scorpio moon and much healing came from this. A lot of intimacy issues, as Venus was/is also in her home of Taurus at the moment! 

I decided to have a nap with my toddler today, because he’s so stubborn and will not stay in the bed unless he’s got someone to cuddle with. I fell asleep, and dreamed of talking to my friend about dreaming I was wandering through a field of lilies. (I had just been talking to my friend about her Akashic records guided meditation and my spiritual healing experience). A field represents abundance, growth, happiness. Lilies represent spirituality, joy, and peace. What a lovely dream! Just then I woke from a loud noise inside my bathroom. It startled me awake, and I felt a lot of energy in my head that quickly flushed out and down my entire body! It was the sensation of my spirit guide and that same pop I felt during the healing session, times like, a hundred. A flush of energy-water flooded my entire body and I felt beyond a doubt spirit energy was there. I felt a bit nervous and heard “it’s ok you don’t have to be afraid.” I feel this was part of my clairaudience opening further. I felt it may have been my Grandmother, she came to mind quickly…other psychics have told me she is near often and that I have noticed her presence accurately before.

I have another reiki session next week that I am really excited about. It’ll be a Cancer moon… my own moon is in Cancer, as well as my sun! I actually have a stellium in Cancer (a cluster of planets) so my Cancerian nature is very strong and definitely drives me. My husband also has moon in Cancer, as well as my son – who will be turning 8 on Tuesday! I can’t believe how big he is. Handsome, smart, and 8 years old!

Spiritual Journey

Where to Start?

Its really hard to decide where to start. If I started at the beginning, this single blog would be annoyingly long. Like, a book. I suppose that means I need to start right here, today. I’m creating a blog because I feel the need to record my journey. I neeeeed to write about this. Yes, I have Facebook and Instagram, but they are not the same. They are mere glimpses of my life, the outside. This journal IS my life, my inner life. I want to start by sharing a runestone reading I received last night:

“Wow…the runes are telling me that you need to start your spiritual journey…I feel you have a very strong intuition and for once start listening to this, your bridge will be built to start the spiritual connection…I feel that you have already heard those that have passed on…I feel that you’ll be able to communicate with these people…but you gotta do the dirty work first…you need to persevere with this and I feel that this could open up your whole world of mediumship.”

Every word here is true. I feel like I’ve come so far, yet I am still only at the very beginning of this journey. I know my intuition is strong, and I know I have problems trusting it – trusting myself. This is in my planets and has been shown to me. I received the exact same message, “build a bridge” while going through a major, life changing event recently. I have heard those that have passed. I recently joined a developing psychic mediums group. I’ve always been extremely fascinated by it and since my parents last reading from one, the accuracy and healing potential of it inspired me to try. I felt the pull. I tried one reading, and was actually accurate! I was actually quite surprised with myself, energized, so I tried another, and another…Each time was a little different, but my accuracy increased, the amount of information I was receiving increased. I’m seeing images and almost like a short video of the person, I’m hearing words or phrases, I’m feeling sensations and emotions, some to the point of actually feeling my heart break in two. I’d even smelled coffee, and confirmed the woman who passed had enjoyed her coffee. I have heard those that have passed, and as alien as that sounds, as difficult as it is to comprehend, I know it to be true. I often doubt myself, yet something has always picked me back up. Confirmation. Signs from a higher, spiritual power. My own willpower and resiliency has bloomed into something I’ve never experienced. I feel determined. I’ve never felt so much….right. I feel I’m on the right path. I know I’m being guided here, by my spirit guide, Hannah. That’s another story for another blog, however!

The “dirty work.” Oh yes, I know, I know. This, I feel, is in reference to inner healing and chakra work. I’d recently discovered I had mother issues that had been hidden in shadow, hidden by the spotlight of my father issues. These were intimate, emotional issues – attachment issues. It has led me to “inner child” healing. She needs love. She needs to be recognized. She is the root of who I am, my foundation, my safety and my trust. My dreams have been a beacon, shining light on areas I need healing. Before I drift to sleep, I’ll set an intention, and ask myself and my spirit guides to help reveal what is hidden.

I was running down a boardwalk to a table on the beach, overlooking the ocean. I put a pen to paper and started writing a song, “I need your love, or I will never be freeeeeeee.”

The symbols: running on the boardwak = determination on your life path. Beach/ocean = meeting of the conscious/rational and unconscious/emotional mind. Writing a song = a spiritual message to your conscious mind. I wrote a lot of songs and poems when I was younger. I’d been working on compiling a list of joyful childhood memories as “homework” for inner child healing. My Neptune in 4th house tends to obscure my childhood, making it blurry and confusing it in the way of emotion (Moon opposition Neptune). My parents did all they could and I see now they are only human, with their own hurts and wounds. They made mistakes but always did their best. It’s my responsibility now to take care of myself and that includes going back and loving that little girl who perceived (hi Neptune!) and felt abandoned, alone, unimportant, and unloved. Root chakra work.

The “dirty work.”

Each chakra has been showing me an area in need for healing. But again, those chakras and their messages can wait for future blogs.

Today I’m simply writing where I am, presently. I’m opening a blog to see these words written, to record, document…to reflect. Ha! Presently as I write, the time is 2:12…But mirror numbers are for another blog!